GA 2003 Participants papers from
Akemi Ishijima, Yoshiyuki Abe Image driven sound generation (1) Composer, London, UK - (2) Artist, Tokyo, Japan
Antony Viscardi Imagined Architecture via Material Imagination Department of Art and Architecture, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania,USA
Artemis Moroni Being Kasimir Malevich  Computer Vision and Robotics Group, CenPRA, Campinas, Brazil
Ava Fatah gen.Schieck, Chiron Mottram, Alan Penn Generating Narrative Spaces from Events History VR Centre for the Built Environment, Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, University College London
Bauke de Vries, A. van der Zee Checking interactive generated designs against distributed objectives technical Eindhoven University
Bogdan Soban Self presenting generative program  
Celestino Soddu Visionary Aesthetics and Architecture Variations Politecnico di Milano University
Christiane M. Herr Using Cellular Automata to Challenge Cookie-Cutter Architecture Hong Kong University
Daniel Bisic BioSonics interactions Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Daniela Sirbu Motion Representation and Evolutionary Architectural Spaces Department of New Media, Faculty of Fine Arts
University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Daniela Sirbu Digital Reflections of Palladian Spaces Department of New Media, Faculty of Fine Arts
University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Daniele Gugelmo Dias Abstraction: Experimentation and Creation among Images, Sounds and Words School of Music- Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte/Natal/Brasil
David Birchfield Genetic Algorithm for the Evolution of  Feature Trajectories in Time-Dependent Arts Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona State University 
Enrica Colabella Code, a password to infinite Politecnico di Milano University
Fabian Scheurer Groningen Twister, An experiment in applied generative design ETH Zurich
GiovanniLuca Soddu A business case for Generative Design application Manager, Rome
Hans E. Dehlinger Small Figures in Large Arrays University of Kassel, Germany
Hong-Sheng CHEN Generation of Two-dimensional Cellular Automata National Taiwan University
Jacqueline Otten Dress Codes:
Work Environments - Wearables - Protective Wear
University of applied Sciences - Hamburg
Jeffrey Krause The creative process of generative design in architecture Oakland,CA
Juan Romero, Penousal Machado, Maria Luisa Santos Ares Towards the Development of Artificial Art Critics University of La Coruña, Spain
Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra, Portugal
K. Moraes Zarzar Breaking the Type. Considerations Toward the Production of Innovative Architectural Designs Delft University of Technology
Laura Morelli, Riccardo Cassinis SURVIVOR: EMULATING HUMAN BEHAVIOURS IN AN ANIMATED ARTWORK Universita' di Brescia
Letizia Bollini, Giuseppe Palma Web Interface Design based on Cognitive Maps: Generative Dynamics in Information Architecture Computer Science Dep. , Università di Bologna
Politecnico di Milano
Maria Goga and Nicolae Goga An optimization of the aesthetic melody line of the computer music School of Music Nr. 5, Bucharest, Romania
Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Martin Dupras, Paul Verity Smith, Jeremy Hattosh-Nemeth, Susan Broadhurst Beyond the mechanical stage-hand: Towards an Aesthetic of  real-time Interaction between Musicians, Dancers and Performers and Generative Art  in live performance.  University of the West of England, Bristol (UK)
Nicoletta Sala, Gabriele Cappellato The generative approach in the Botta's San Carlino Universita' della Svizzera Italiana (Mendrisio, Switzerland)
Oliver Endemann, Guenther Doerner Objecter - A Step towards a General Tool for Generative Design Genestics, Kassel, Augsburg. Members of Generative Design Lab of Kassel University
Paul Coates, Christian Derix, Robert Thum some recent work using cellular automata University of East London
Peter Beyls Selectionist musical automata
Integrating explicit instruction and evolutionary algorithms
Gent Belgium
Philip Galanter What is Generative Art? Complexity Theory as a Context for Art Theory New York University
Philip Van Loocke High-dimensional objects in generative art. Study of a new type of projection University of Ghent, Ghent, Belgium
Robert J. Krawczyk Exploring the Massing of Growth in Cellular Automata Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago
Scott Draves Electric Sheep USA
Thomas Fischer Modelling Space-Time in Cellular Systems Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tomás García-Salgado Generative Layout for a Small Building Autonomous National University of México
Weidong Fang, Ming Xi Tang, Xiyu Liu Generative Design of Stylised Building Forms Using an Improved CSG Tree Hong Kong Polytecnic University
Alberto Frigo photographic tracking Smart Studio, Interactive Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
Aleksandra Slahova PROBLEMS IN THE PERCEPTION OF LINEAR PERSPECTIVE Daugavpils University, Daugavpils, Latvia
Alison Walker, Silvia Rigon The Many Voices of St. Caterina of Pedemonte: An Experiment in Non–Linear Digital Narrative UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles
Anat David-Artman FORM AND LIFE IN THE ARCHITECTURE OF MIES VAN DER ROHE Hebrew University, Kfar saba
Andrea J. Stein musicL New York University, New York, USA
Bogdan Soban Games coincidence as the base of casino armosphere design using generative approach Slovenia
Chun Lee Generative Sonic Voyage School of arts, Middlesex University, London
Dai Ming Preservation of Urban Historical Region with Generative Design Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Elisa Simonetti Complex Active Systems UK
Heloisa Helena da Fonseca Carneiro Leão The Technologic Body Using by Artistic Support in the Route of Post-Human
Pontifícia Universidade Católica of São Paulo and Painting Professor at Faculdade Paulista de Arte
Heo Jun-Young, Aghlab Al-Attili, Pedro Rebelo,
Richard Coyne
The University of Edinburgh
Ilze Volonte, Maris Cacka, JolantaSavvina,. Aleksandra Slahova INTEREST FROM CREATIVE ACTIVITY UP TO CREATIVITY Daugavpils University, Daugavpils, Latvia
Jason Freeman  MetaMix Columbia University
Jong Sze Joon, Soon Eu Hui, LimKokWing Exploring Depth, Perspective And Spatial Studies  With The Application Of CAD And VRML To Develop Background And Set Design For Animation Multimedia University, Malaysia -
University College of Creative Technology, Malaysia
Liu Zhaoxi Research on the Object on GD Application in Furnature-Designing  Area Tongji University,Shanghai,China
Liviu Alexandru Sofonea The Phyilosophical and Pragmatic Meanings of ARS CERAMICA UNIVERSITATEA “TRANSILVANIA” DIN BRAŞOV
Mahnaz Shah Pervasiveness of Visual Systems in Learning Architectural Association, School of Architecture London, UK
Manfredo Manfredini, Luca Brambilla, Marco Erba, Paola Leardini The Instant office in the ageing society: Accessible and sustainable workspheres for politropic space systems, objects and devices related to the needs of ageing people in Europe. Politecnico di Milano University
Maris Cacka; Aleksandra Slahova; Ilze Volonte; Jolanta Savvina Interest from creative activity to creativity Department of Art, Daugavpils University, Daugavpils, Latvia.
Markus Schein, Christine Kruger Random Digital Clouds  University of Kassel
Mauro Annunziato, Isabella Tirelli, Piero Pierucci Sensitive Painting Plancton Art Studio
Michael Szpakowski ‘If We Shadows…’ and ‘A Bouquet for Regina Célia Pinto’
Michael Szpakowski ‘If We Shadows…’ and ‘A Bouquet for Regina Célia Pinto’
Ole Werner Breeding new designs - The use of morphing algorithms in design computation University of Kassel
Penousal Machado, Amílcar Cardoso NEvAr – System Overview Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra, Qta. da Nora, 3030 Coimbra, Portugal.
Rachel Collinson Spiro and free jazz programming Hypermedia Research Centre, University of Westminster, London, UK
Sandra Bsat BUILDING [IN] FRAGMENTS Department of Architecture & Design, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon
Semi Ryu Ritualizing Interactive Media: Virtual Puppetry with Spiraling Virginia Commonwealth University
Skaidrite Erliha The Creative Artistic Activities of Music Teachers-To-Be in the Context of Education Aimed at the Development of Spiritual Values Daugavpils University, Latvia
Somruedee Kandee A New Approach in Interior Environments of Transportation Centers Bangkok University,Thailand
SUN Chengyu Higher or Denser? Tongji University, Shanghai
Tim Barrass Visual arts experiments: artefacts by neural agents in social simulations School of Creative Arts, Melbourne University, Melbourne, Australia
Vera Sylvia Bignetti VIRTUAL SPACE Pontifícia Universidade Católica- PUC , São Paulo, Brasil
Wang Bowei, Zhang Kun ,Liu Zhaxi Computer aided design of Ming Chair Tongji Univ. Shanghai
Wang Bowei, Zhang Leyan  An Automatic Generation System of Hip Roof Building and Case Study Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Yehuda Safran Guide for the Perplexed Columbia University, New York City
Zhang Yijie, Tang Zhong Multi-storey Chinese Pagodas Tongji University, Shanghai, China