GA 2000 Papers

Celestino Soddu
From Forming to Transforming

Hans Dehlinger
Experimental Search for Order in the Code of Generated Drawings

Howard Riley
Algorithms of the Mind. The generative art of drawing

Andreas Lund
Evolving the Shape of Things to Come. A Comparison of Interactive Evolution and Direct Manipulation for Creative Tasks

Enrica Colabella
Mater Matuta

Jan Kubasiewicz
InfoGEOMETRY. Conceptual Prototype for Navigating InfoSPACE

Kenneth E. Rinaldo

Paul Coates, Pablo Miranda
Swarm modelling

Alexander Koutamanis
Redirecting design generation in architecture

Matthew Lewis
Aesthetic Evolutionary Design with Data Flow Networks

Artemis Moroni, F. Von Zuben, J. Manzolli
ArTbitrariness in Music

Aaron Wolf Baum, Generative Interactive Music

Gabriel Maldonado
Travels in Space and Time, Explorations of Virtual SoundScapes, Multi-dimensionalism of Digital Music

Philip Galanter
GA2: a Programming Environment for Abstract Generative Fine Art

Mauro Annunziato
Artificial Worlds, Virtual Generations

Kevin McGuire
Controlling Chaos: a Simple Deterministic System for Creating Complex Organic Shapes

Roel Daru, Eric Vreedenburgh 1, 2, 3,
Architectural Innovation as an evolutionary process

Christian Derix, Robert Thum
Artificial Neural Network Spaces

Alex McLean, Adrian Ward, Geoff Cox
The aesthetics of generative code

Quinsan Ciao
45 PM Session 8 Hearing Architectural Design: Simulation and Auralization for Generating Better Acoustic Spaces

Cristiano Ceccato
On the Translation of Design Data into Design Form in Evolutionary Design

Matteo Codignola
Generative Recognizable Codes from Gaudi'

Maya Kagawa, Marcello Pinzero
Teaching Generative Design Approaches John Eacott
Generative music composition in practice - a critical evaluation

Nao Tokui and Hitoshi Iba
Music Composition with Interactive Evolutionary Computation

PierPaolo Brotzu
A Generative Approach to Variations in Production Processes

Paolo Ferrara and Gabriele Foglia
TEAnO or the computer assisted generation of manufactured aesthetic goods seen as a constrained flux of technological unconsciousness

Andrea Chiodi, Marco M. Vernillo
Deep architectures and exterior communication in Generative Art

Owen F. Ransen
Possible Futures in Computer Art Generation

E. Bilotta, P. Pantano and V. Talarico
Music Generation through Cellular Automata

J. Kabala, C. Conrado, K. van Overveld
Communicative Profiles.Generative Art Applied in Information Access Interfaces

Marianne Selsjord
Tim Didymus, Emilia Telese Marianne Selsjord Douglas Repetto Luca Tanzini
Posters, Artworks and Installations
Robert J. Krawczyk, Antonio Pozzi, Alessandra Venino, Emilia Castellani, Francesco Deriu, Yoshiyuki Abe, Matjaz Hmeljak, Jean-Pierre Hebert, Francesco Martin, A. Spizzichino, Kenneth E. Rinaldo.