InfoGEOMETRY. Conceptual Prototype for Navigating InfoSPACE


Jan Kubasiewicz

Professor, Graduate Design Program,

Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, US


DK Jang

MFA Design candidate

Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, US




InfoGEOMETRY is the word the authors use to describe the concept of utilizing geometric patterns and dynamic symmetry in graphical user interface design for navigating complex information.


This paper refers to a collaborative project in which the concept of infoGeometry was first introduced. In their design process, the authors tried to reconcile the visual nature of geometric vocabulary with parametric nature of interface design and dynamic nature of information organization.


At this preliminary stage, the project resulted in a series of experimental, interactive tools prototyped in Lingo environment (Macromedia Director). The tools explore conceptual aspects of dynamic vocabulary of geometry and their potential implementation in interface design.


In order to experience the dynamic and interactive nature of this project, the series of prototypes and full text of the paper are integrated in the form of online presentation available at