Autopoiesis abstract:

Autopoiesis, is a series of fifteen musical and robotic artificial life sculptures that interact with the public and modify their behaviors based on the both the presence of the participants in the exhibition and the communication between each separate sculpture. Autopoiesis is "self making", a characteristic of all living systems. This characteristic of living systems was defined and refined by Francisco Varella and Humberto Maturana. This series of robotic sculptures talk with each other through a hardwired network and audible telephone tones, which are a musical language for the group. Autopoiesis presents an interactive environment, which is immersive, detailed and able to evolve in real time by utilizing feedback and interaction from audience/participant members. The interactivity engages the viewer/participant who in turn, effects the system's evolution and emergence. This creates a system evolution as well as an overall group sculptural aesthetic.

Kenneth E. Rinaldo
Assistant Professor,
Art & Technology

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