Generative Art
  • Students and Young Artists not presenting papers can attend the conference for free. They can present posters, artworks, installations or live-performances without any fee. Their abstracts, if accepted, will be published in the proceedings.
  • If these Students and young Artists like to participate to social lunches, conference dinner, publishing a long text in the proceedings and having a copy of the proceedings, they are offered a reduced registration fee of 260 Euro.
  • Students and young Artists presenting papers are required to register as authors/invited people
    You can pay directly in this page with PayPal or Credit Cards.
    If you prefer a Bank Transfer, please use: IBAN : IT86P0306909583100000011305
    owner: Generative Art / Enrica Colabella - Bank: IntesaSanPaolo SPA - address: viale Abruzzi 4, Milano, Italy

  • 1. NO CONFERENCE FEE (students and young artists born starting from 2000
    acceptable only UNTIL the available space

    This fee include:
    • attendance to the conference
    • publishing your accepted abstract in the proceedings
    Cost: EUR 0
    send only your registration to Name, copy of your document, your email and, if any, your website.
    If you like to present a poster, artwork, installation of live-performance send your proposal using the template that you can find in the website until the proposal deadline (15 Sept 2022)

    2. REDUCED CONFERENCE FEE (optional for students and young artists born after 2000

    This fee include:
    • attendance to the conference
    • publishing your accepted abstract and, if you like, a long text in the proceedings
    • welcome cocktail
    • 3 daily lunches
    • 6 coffee breaks
    • evening breaks before performances
    • 1 conference dinner
    • a bag with the conference proceedings and other documents
    Cost: EUR 260 until 30 October 2022


    Cost: EUR 325 after 30 October 2022
    name of participant

    EUR 60

    This fee include:
    • 1 conference dinner
    Cost: EUR 60
    name of participant

    EUR 70

    This fee include:
    • a copy of the conference proceedings
    Cost: EUR 70
    name of participant