D O M U S   A R G E N I A

Domus Argenia is the multi-disciplinary International Center on Cultural Identities and Generative Art that is based in Sardinia and whose activity refers to the international Generative Art network founded in 1998. International Generative Art conferences are held annually. The activities of Domus Argenia are focused to implement and enhance the advanced research on Identities and Generative approach in Art, Music, Architecture, Design and Performances, and to implement non-profit activities, based on the non-profit association Argenia World, with the enhancement of subjective creative abilities of young people coming from the whole world whose potentiality, based on own cultural heritages, can be encouraged, developed and addressed toward the conscience of itself and the insertion in the job world.

The activity of research/teaching:
1. The annual Generative Art conference, arrived at the 24th edition this year.
GA conferences are organized by Domus Argenia Association

We plan to organize:
2. Summer courses for young students and postgraduates. Planned in June-July-August, their topic is the development of the creativeness and cultural and subjective identity through the generative approach in architecture, Urban Design, Industrial Design, Music, Poetry, Art, interactive installations and live Performances. Every course develops a well-focused theme but works through contaminations and interdisciplinary growths.

3. Workshops on generative approach and creativeness with students of two/three different international countries on common design themes.
4. The "De Identitate" seminars. The theme is how to identify, develop and increase each cultural identity through the creativeness based on own cultural roots.
5. Stages of few months for researchers, artists, musicians, Ph.D. candidates on specific themes of research focused on cultural Identities and Generative approach.
6. Specific master courses, at the doctorate level, will be established following agreements with international universities.
7. Exhibitions of Generative Art and interactive Installations of Artists, Architects, and international Designers
8. Shows and Live-Performances of Art, Theater, and Generative Music.
Non-profit activities:
1. Residential Stages of young people coming from the whole world, and particularly from difficult countries, but not only. The purpose is to build a multi-ethnic multi-disciplinary group careful to develop, in parallel, the specific cultural Identities through a creative approach to Music, Art, Design, and Poetry. Stages will involve a number of 10 and 15 young people for a period of the two and the four weeks. The cost of these stages is supported by the Center through the use of the earnings of the other activities and donations.
2. 2. the DOMUS ARGENIA publisher publishes the Generative Art conference (since 1998) proceedings and other e-books with ISBN number on the topics of Generative Art. More, Domus Argenia publishes, since 2012, a journal, GASATHJ, Generative Art Science and Technology Hard Journal with an international Editorial Board (www.gasathj.com)

The structure of Domus Argenia

The operational structure is based on the cooperation with the international university world, the cultural entities and single artists and researchers. Following the Generative Art network, Universities, and Artists are specifically located in Canada, US, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Australia, and New Zeeland. The participation is based on agreements and common interests.
The operational structure is made by a Director of the Center, by a President of Argenia World and by a scientific board gathering people with recognized quality in the involved research fields, also representing these universities and other international corporate entities whose finalities are in tone with the finalities of Domus Argenia.
The Scientific Board also is the main part of the teaching staff in the summer courses and workshops. Other teachers are the researchers, artists, musicians, Ph.D. candidates staying in the center to develop specific projects.

Spaces and facilities

The logistic structure of the Center is a traditional Campidanese house. Domus Argenia has the ownership of the house that is located in the historical center of Serramanna, at around 25 Km from Cagliari. This house is composed, as it is a tradition in the Campidano, by a sequence of houses (one or two levels) staying around a sequence of gardens and patio. It has 1300 sq.m. of covered spaces and 400 sq.m. of the garden. Specifically:
1. The gallery, open to the public for exhibition regarding the activity implemented in the Center. Space has its public door in the main street of Serramanna.
2. The theater (150 seats) for lectures, music, theater pieces and seminars, with relative structures of entry and service.
3. Studio (located at the 1° level: an open space of around 150 sq.m.) for workshops
4. Model and interactive installation laboratory.
5. Dining rooms with Sardinian traditional cuisine.
6. Garden and places for meeting.
7. Guesthouse for artists/students (20-25 students) with autonomous kitchen and common spaces.
8. Patio, an open studio space for creative activities.
9. Guesthouse for Teachers (3 rooms) and the house of the Director.
10. Office of the Director and Argenia World President
Starting date of activities: The activity of the Center was started with the exhibitions in the Domus Argenia gallery in 2009/2010 but many spaces were not available because of restoring problems. This year quite all the restoring activities of the ancient houses are completed and Domus Argenia can finally start more activities with the help and support of the Generative Artists and linked Universities. Proposals are welcome.

for more information contact Celestino Soddu, celestino.soddu @ generativeart.com