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GA2020 , the 23th Generative Art Conference, Exhibition, Live Performances
Location: GA2020 is a virtual conference and will be held in Italy, Milan, METID, Politecnico di Milano University, the 15, 16 and 17 of December 2020
Art&Science - Image&Space - Music&Poetry - Visionary Scenarios - Infinity&Identity
Art - Music - Architecture - Industrial Design - Web Art - Poetry - Visual Grammar - Design Approach - Teaching Theory - Mathematics - Virtual Environment - Literature - Artificial Life - Artificial Intelligence - Cellular Automata - Performances - Artificial Behaviors - Communication - Generative Robots - Mechatronic - Nanotechnology - NanoArt

Dear Friends of Generative Art,
We are at the 23rd Generative Art conferences and I like to thank all the participants of the last editions, participants from many different countries of all continents because they have succeeded in supporting GA as the worldwide reference conference in the sector of the generative approach. This with their interesting contributions that were not only academic papers but work in progress able to define the real state of the art of the Generative Thinking.
Not only, but the discussions, the exchanges of experience, and the working together for reaching advanced possibilities was also the unique feeling of these meetings.

As the other years, the conference will run for three days with only a plenary session. The reason is that this unique session gives to all participants the possibility of best knowing one each other and to discuss all together.
The conference will run the 15th, 16th and 17st of December 2020 as a virtual conference at METID, Politecnico di Milano Italy
We will wait for Your proposals (papers, posters, artworks/installations, live performances) until 30th of September 2019 and we are sure that with your contributions GA2019 will be, once more, a moment of great exchange of experiences and an occasion of meeting people working with the same approach in a wide range of different disciplines.

Type of contribution:

  • Papers and Posters to be presented the 3 days of the conference in only one main session
  • Artworks, Installations, Performances, and Posters to be presented in the days of the conference./spanstyle="font-size:>

Generative Art performs the idea as a process. Moving the creativity from Objects/Events to Codes, GA builds the contemporary complex natural/artificial environment. Generative Algorithms and Transforming Rules realize as natural DNA does, always different and unpredictable series of events, artworks, industrial objects, architectures, music, environment, communications, software, and hardware devices, all recognizable by each generative creative concept.
Generative Art is identifiable as one of the most advanced approaches in the creative and design world. It performs the incoming new naturality of the artificial world. Generative Projects, Morphogenetic Design, Evolutionary Systems can design the species of incoming events, their identity in progress, the recognizability of each possibly generated object, the complexity of the contemporary world, spaces, communications, and music.
In Architecture GA can increase the identity and uniqueness of each city, performing generative codes that can be used in designing the incoming transforming paths of each town.
In Industrial Design GA performs the relation between intelligent industrial production and advanced design ideas of new naturality.
In Visual Art, Literature and GA performs the relation between intelligent industrial production and advanced design ideas of new naturality.
The generative approach represents the way to carry out the idea as a product, and not only the artifact-product-piece as the unique representation of the idea.

Generative Art Conference is a meeting place to exchange ideas, theoretical approaches, operative, and teaching experiences, and to value the innovative field of intelligent industrial production and business that belongs to the Generative approach.
Following the experience of last years, people can show their innovative works in the concurrent GA Performance Festival that will be held on the evening of the same days of the conference. This will be an opportunity to show and enjoy the most advanced mix of generative entertainment media.

- Early submitting, if requested, could be accepted in 15 days to obtain a letter of invitation usable to fund applications.
- No funds are available from the GA2020 organization.
- conference participants will pay a registration fee for the (paper) book of proceedings.
- To ensure a high-quality conference, all abstracts and papers will be reviewed by the Conference Chair and by the scientific Committee.
- The proceedings of GA2020 will be printed in advance in a (paper) book with ISBN number, published before the conference, for having the support to the conference. - All papers and presented contribution will be also published on the website
- Selected contributions will be asked to perform a multimedia article to be published in the next issue of the Journal GASATHj,

- 15 September 2020 (postponed to 30 September)
- Presentation of proposals (max one page by using the abstract template) of Papers, Posters, Artworks, Installations, Live Performances. You can send the abstract directly by email to or you can use the form at the bottom of the page. You can also send images with a low resolution by email. If you need an invitation letter for funds applications and you need to have early acceptance, please send your proposal in advance confirming your need in the email
15 October 2020 - Communication of accepted proposals doubles reviewed by the conference scientific committee
30 October 2020 - Deadline for early registering.
9 November 2020 - Deadline for sending the final Papers (around 4000 words, PDF and DOC file), Posters (max 2000 words) and image (vertical 4000x3000 px), Artwork-installation, and Live Performance presentation (max 2000 words) together with a video presentation.

15, 16 and 17 of December 2020
Generative Art Conference/ Exhibition and Live-Performances is organized by Generative Design Lab, ARGENIA Ass. with the support of METID, Politecnico di Milano University
- You can sign up for attending GA conference at - you can register as author at

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